Values and Brand

Sailaal started as a lifestyle goal to live without limitations. A life based on inner peace, curiosity, freedom of expression, and a journey to be enveloped in the most beautiful landscapes from all over the globe. Sailaal is derived from the two Arabic words, sail - a stream of water/flow, and aal - high/elevated: a reflection of the fabric's behavior and the sensations evoked when wearing our pieces. The logo represents a mountain. At the peak, you’ll find unity with health, nature, and authenticity.  


At Sailaal, we care about your health. Our skin, being our body’s largest organ, is porous and absorbent. Since your body is your temple, we are mindful that what you put on is just as important as what you put in.

Fair Trade & Environment

Sailaal is built on ethical labor and care for the environment. We produce all our clothing in New York City’s Garment District, and mindfully source our materials. The drastic increase in consumerism and fast fashion have had harmful effects on our planet and species. We are advocates for purchasing less and investing in quality, durable products. With this minimalist approach, we can collectively create balance and harmony in our world.


Rawness. Wholeness. Simplicity. Luxury. Sailaal encourages a wide range of expression. We want you to feel enigmatic yet seen, sensual yet sophisticated, confident yet grounded. Our versatile designs can be dressed up or down, so get creative. No matter how you style, being conscious has never looked so sexy.

In alignment with our values, we strive to source clean, non-toxic, sustainable, and natural fibers. Researching and acquiring these materials is time-consuming and expensive, but we’re happy to do the hard work so you can enjoy our pieces guilt-free. We hold quality and transparency in the highest regard; please refer to our Fabrics and Materials for more information.

About the Designer 

Born in New York City to a Yemeni diplomat, Lamees Alshawkani spent her childhood in Yemen and Belgium, before moving to the United States in her teens. Her designs integrate the loose-fitting styles of her middle eastern heritage with western-style cutouts, honoring her upbringing while empowering people to authentically express themselves.

While building Sailaal, Lamees works as a doctor of optometry in New York City’s posh SoHo neighborhood, where her patients’ fashion-forward energy and general love of life offer a constant source of inspiration. She is a passionate advocate for healthy living and exploration of our planet’s marvels, both of which are reflected in Sailaal's clean and sustainable materials.